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October 27, 2009



Very impressive blog and brilliant reviews! How do old films stand out in DVD? For example I love the car chase in Bullit but if this was on Bluray would the quality be noticably better than say a SD dvd with and upscaled DVD player?

Herr Voodul

Great list. I love quite a few of these movies, but had no Idea that the toho set had been released and hadn't ever heard of William Castle. Thank you for giving me another filmaker to plow through.

To the commentor above, American Werewolf looks great on Blu. I'm also a huge fan of the 'Thing' on blu. One of the best looking Blu's I own.


Nice list. Audition, Drag me to Hell, and Let the Right one In are all great in my opinion. Dead Girl was a bit too much for me. Trick 'r Treat is also a good one from 2009.

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