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May 22, 2009


Nick McKenzie

Some of those films like Back to the Future and Terminator reminds me of my childhood days. They were awesome films anyway

Time Travel Theory

Thanks for the post, out of the ones you listed I haven't seen these ones

The Time Machine
La Jetee
The Terminator
Army of Darkness

Will have to go check them out :)


I think "Somewhere in Time" should be included. It was Christopher Reeve's best movie. A story about an man who traveled back in time to meet a silent film star he fell in love with. He was able to travel back by using the power of hypnosis. Great movie.


Excellent list of time-travel movies. Of the movies you listed, the ones I have not yet seen are:

-Army of Darkness (and The Evil Dead trilogy for that matter)
-Time Bandits
-The Man from Earth

I'm uncertain how a remake of Timecrimes will work but if all goes well, I'll give it a chance. In the meantime, I'll see the movies I have not yet seen and revisit the ones I have seen before.

Richard Stoltenberg

I liked Timecop: The Berlin Decision that starred Jason Scott Lee

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