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January 15, 2009


Sports Couch Potato

Thanks, Doc, for noting the passing of Patrick McGoohan. It took the U.S. media a good 24 hours to acknowledge this story. "The Prisoner" is seminal, "Secret Agent" is a forgotten treasure and McGoohan's appearances on "Columbo" memorable. DVDs are available of each and are worth everyone's time.

Steve Donoso

Yes, thanks for noting the passing of Patrick McGoohan.

By the way, the 10 disc PRISONER 40th ANNIVERSARY COLLECTION DVD Set from A&E contains the same mediocre-quality prints re-boxed.

FAR SUPERIOR is the 7-disc Prisoner Set, completely remastered from 35mm original negatives, and with some newly added special features, but so far only released in 2008 for Region 2 in the UK.

Does anyone know of plans to release it in a Region 1 edition?

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