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November 12, 2008



Those were the days, eh, Glenn? My similar experience, circa 1969, was sitting in the front row of Philadelphia's Electric Factory -- a small warehouse converted to a music venue -- and watching as Cream was setting up and my buddy sitting next to me helped Jack Bruce adjust his mic stand. I saw the Who at the same venue, and their 12 Marshall amps rendered me literally deaf for about 12 hours -- which I absolutely loved! I remember returning home to my parents house, entering the dining room by leaping in the air to strike a swooping air-guitar chord ... and hitting my head on the overhead door jam and collapsing in a heap on the floor. All in all, one of the best concert experiences ever!


Hey Carl, thanks for the comment. ... Cool stories you have there as well. I imagine Jack Bruce needed all the help he could get in those days.

Saw him at the Hippiefest concert at the Greek -- I think he was almost as good as the reunited Cream playing with the Turtles' backup guys (who were great). You could really hear the songs with Bruce so up front, and they were delicious.

Although I don't listen to the Who all that much these days, I must say that when the conversation turns to Beatles vs. Stones, it really should be Beatles vs. Stones vs. Who.


Long live (the spirit) of Keith Moon!!


My wife is a huge fan of the Kilburn movie. She made me sit and watch it a few months ago, and I have to admit I enjoyed it as well.

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