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July 26, 2008



The Fat Ladies really sound lovely. God bless Acorn for bringing classic Brit shows back on DVD, even if they are spectacularly overpriced. (I really, REALLY want to own Tinker Tailor and Smiley's People, but I'd also like to pay my rent.)

Guy on a diet

fat ladies is great, I've bookmarked your post. Cheers : )

new movies on dvd

That's a very funny and entertaining cooking show.


Surely you meant "quelle treat," not "quekke treat!"
I love this show. I plan to invest in the DVD set.
Watching it again (via Netflix rental) brings back memories of when my wife and I first viewed it on the Food Network here in the US. Moreover, it evokes a bygone era in cuisine, one where quality ingredients and patient preparation mattered. I also very much revel in the hosts' appreciation for strong tastes and their frank, unPC opinions.
Viva la fat ladies!


Thanks, Brek: Too much lard on the keyboard, I guess!

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