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July 02, 2008



I rather like The Magnificent Seven myself. Only the Western Writers had some love for that one, apparently.


Don't like the Western Writers' listed very much - your's (and Anne Thompson) are much better. I would also put in a plug for "The Professionals" (66) and "The Outlaw Josey Wales" but my list would be heavily weighted towards Ford, Wayne, Peckinpah, Leone, Hawks.

Chris Morris

Excellent choices, there, Glenn. I must concur with "The Big Trail" -- the acting isn't always great, but no other Western looks quite so spectacular. And I'm delighted to see "The Proposition" on your list -- an amazing picture. (Let's hear from you, Nick Cave fans.) As for Anthony Mann, my personal fave is "The Naked Spur" -- it's hard to beat any picture with Robert Ryan as the villain. One of my fave psycho-Westerns. And I'd substitute "Rio Bravo" for "Red River."

One more thing: Excuse me, but the Western Writers appear to be morons. "Shane?" "High Noon?" Lord help us, "Butch Cassidy?" C'mon now.

Glenn Abel

Smelly -- "Outlaw Josie Wales" would be a fine choice, perhaps better than "Unforgiven." Great show.

Chris -- I repped Mann with "The Furies" partly because I just discovered the film via Criterion. Amazing it's so obscure. I like "Rio Bravo" but think it sags too much to be first-tier -- the jam session with Dean-o and Ricky and Walter Brennan is one-of-a-kind, though.

Thanks for the comments gents and Liz.


I like the list that's here...

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