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June 30, 2008



This is fantastic news! Seems like only yesterday that the DVD box set seemed like a big deal. It will be wonderful to see the films restored...once I can afford it, of course.

H. Burns

This is well worth waiting for. The "Godfather" films were breathtaking in their original form. Restoration in Blu-ray can only be phenomenal.

eric estrin

Outstanding. I hope the collection shows up on Netflix!

jerry lazar

An offer we can't refuse! My son's putting it on his Bar Mitzvah gift wishlist as we speak -- the perfect rite-of-passage extravaganza for any young man. I envy him! The trilogy's timeless themes are underscored by an essay, Pax Corleone, excerpted in the current Harper's mag, correlating contemporary U.S. foreign diplomacy styles with the temperaments of each of Don Corleone's sons (and consigliere Tom Hagen). SEE: http://www.nationalinterest.org/Article.aspx?id=17008 .


Bad reporting. Does "reworked" mean redux like Apocalypse Now?


Piers -- You're right. With all the fooling with the Godfathers content over the years, that reference to the restoration could have meant further shuffling. The DVDs have the original theatricals, as did the last box set. (I changed this text reference.)

Francisco Pinyata

I bought the box set hoping for a huge improvement in picture quality. It said so right there in the box... meticulously restored sound and picture. The 5.1 audio was great. The picture quality was... well, let's just say I was expecting a "star wars" kind of face-lift and got a really good VHS copy quality. The images were grainy at best, had poor black detail on night scenes (especially during the scene where Virgil Sollozo and the Police captain were shot at the restaurant) had a messed up color balance (no, there ain't anything wrong with my TV, DVD player or component cables). Even the 3rd Godfather chapter, which was not restored but "newly remastered", really let down expectations. I own the Godfather box set on DVD before this one came out and I should have skipped buying this new one.

Now I don't know how much better the picture quality is on blu-ray, but I really discourage the purchase of these DVDs... unless you didn't have it from before.

Glenn Abel

Francisco -- Thanks for your review. Question: You have the region 2 set? The new U.S. version (region 1) doesn't come out until late Sept. and review copies have not gone out.

There was a repackaging a few years ago, but those individual titles had the same audio/video as the older box set.


Francisco Pinyata

Yup, I bought it here in Oslo, Norway where I am, so it's region 2. Now I don't know if it has anything to do with the devaluation of the US dollar, but if you were to convert the amount I paid for my DVD box-set... it only cost me $45! A bargain if you ask me, but still I would have paid twice as much for the quality I expected.


Sounds like you got duped Francisco.

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