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May 07, 2008



WB released "Casablanca" in HD DVD. Since I have a copy, I am certain of that. I think you may be correct about no other black and white films being released in hi def, except for My Favorite Brunette/Son of Paleface, a Bob Hope double feature, the former of which is BW, which I think has been recently released.

(Thanks, Bill. The post was updated to fix reference to no B&W studio movies out in high def. Glenn)


This is good news indeed. I'm a little concerned about hi-def highlighting some of the technical flaws in older films, though. It seems to be something that only bothers certain viewers, but it might give people more of an excuse to criticize older movies.


I'm really looking forward to picking up Contempt, myself.

I hadn't really thought about hi-def highlighting flaws in older movies, Liz. I hope it doesn't have a very noticeable effect!

Martin PS3 Wizz

Hello all. With Bluray bringing back old classics in high def i am slightly excited about what it may do in the future. Only a week or so ago i think Panasonic stated it hopes to have a 3D BluRay spec out for next year! Can you imagine old classics being brought back in high def and 3D. The big question would be can standalone bluray players be upgraded in the same way PS3s can through the internet. Either way exciting times ahead dont you agree?

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