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December 31, 2007



I think I fall into the Blu-Ray camp, but that doesn't change the fact that I just don't have the money to convert my entire collection. It'll take years for people to adjust, and I honestly hope that high-def, of any brand, doesn't become the new standard.

DVD Dweeb

That sentiment is spot on. As a movie buff and technology geek, I am on the fence waiting until this is over, or for the next big thing. Hell, I'm already on my second HDTV now and I still watch regular DVD.

Lawrence Newman

You're right when you say that they're a victim of their earlier success. The majority of people are more than happy with the picture quality of a DVD on a standard definition TV. With upscaling DVD players and HDTVs making their way into most households, and with the affordability of DVDs now, where is the incentive to buy Blu-Ray? I have a Panasonic Viera 32" and have watched a few Blu-Ray movies on my PS3. I can categorically say that I see no discernible difference between an upscaled DVD and a Blu-Ray disc. So what's the point?

Glenn Abel

Lawrence: I agree to an extent. Certainly I have watched movies on Blu-ray that are no great shakes and then run the standard def DVD upconverted and seen no real difference.

But a great HD movie can take your breath away, such as "The Other Boleyn Girl," which was shot in HD. Plus, Blu-ray gives the studio a reason to revisit their earlier work and improve it, regardless of format.

Some Blu-ray jobs certainly seem indifferent, much like the first swarm of catalog CDs back in the '80s. Upconverters are the great undiscovered (cheap) product out there. My Blu-ray machine upconverts like magic. Thanks for the comment, look forward to your next one.

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