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September 05, 2007



I have to admit, the idea of a running text commentary appeals to me. I am not such a big fan of online chats with your friends and some of the other high def extras they are planning, but this seems like it might be useful.

I work for a post production company (deluxe digital studios if you are familiar) and i haven't checked to see if this is on our schedule yet. Wouldn't mind working on this particular title ;-)

Well at any rate blogged this and gave a link back to your site. My first visit here actually. Later


Now that DVD extras are so formulaic, it'll be quite interesting to see what disc producers come up with for web-connected players -- how they experiment with concepts for interactive extras. A wide open area, just like in the old days of DVD and laserdisc extras.

Thanks for the sharp comment, Todd, looking forward to your next one.


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