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September 18, 2007



Hi, thanks for mentioning the Up series!

Glenn Abel

Kelly: My pleasure. Wish I'd invested viewing time in those movies when they started. What an amazing project.

Love those time-travel films. I saw one from the same realm not too long ago, about hippies who'd worked as river guides. The docu revisited them in late middle age. Quite touching.

"The Same River Twice"

The main character was facing major mortality issues. He summed up life something like: First it's your turn to be a kid, then to be a reckless teen, a free-spirit college student, a young worker bee, a first-time parent, a middle-aged person, then a senior, and then to die.

You get your turn and go on to the next phase. That's how it all works. You can never step in the same river twice.

The secret to life is to understand, accept and appreciate the cycle, he said. Nothing more complicated than that.

Smart man.

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