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August 25, 2007

Halloween DVD releases 2: More scary stuff

Edward_scissorhands_imageA second serving of gore-splattered release notices seems in order for the Halloween DVD season, which runs roughly now through Tuesday, Oct. 30.

The just-announced Fox/MGM swarm of Blu-rays include these horrifying specimens, all arising Oct. 9: "From Hell," "The Fly" (Cronenberg), "Edward Scissorhands," "28 Days Later" and "The Amityville Horror" ('79).

"1408" has John Cusack and Samuel Jackson on the case of the Stephen King horror story about a novelist who dares to check into that hotel room. Two-disc DVD edition room-services an extended director's cut and an alternate ending. (Dimension/Genius, Oct. 2).

Misery_kathy_bates_dvd"Misery: Collector's Edition" from another grisly King story about a writer. Includes five new featurettes on stalking and the old commentaries from director Rob Reiner and screenwriter William Goldman. Kathy Bates, James Caan. (Fox/MGM, Oct. 2)

"Buried Alive" stars Tobin Bell, the loon from the "Saw" trilogy, and a cast of "hot young victims." Directed by the incredibly prolific effects/makeup wizard Robert Kurtzman. (Dimension Extreme, Oct. 23)

"The House of Usher" modernizes Edgar Allen Poe's gothic horror tale. Nowadays, the brother-sister denizens of the "mansion of gloom" are cheerfully dubbed Rick and Maddy. The horror. (ThinkFilm, Sept. 11)

Addams_family_logo_2"The Addams Family Vol. 3." Last in the DVD series. Sadly, TV execs of 1964 failed to grok the genius at work here. Tune in for the "Thing and Cousin Itt" DVD scene commentary. (MGM, Sept. 11)

"BloodRayne 2: Deliverance" includes the (straight-to-video) Uwe Boll film, the "Tibetan Heights" digital comic book and the original BloodRayne PC game. Natassia Malthe plays Rayne this time out. (Vivendi Visual, Sept. 18, )

"Murder Party" -- It came from Slamdance. Described as " 'The Office' meets 'The Hills Have Eyes.' " (Magnolia, Oct. 16).

Also: "Witchfinder General" (Vincent Price, 9/11) ... "Demons 1 and 2" (Lamberto Bava, 9/25) ... "Elvira's Movie Macabre" (three sets, 9/25) ... "Unholy" (Adrienne Barbeau, 9/4) and "The Return of the Living Dead" (9/11).

Check out the posts Halloween DVDs I and Halloween DVDs 3 for more horror movies.


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