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June 05, 2007



Just a note about Henry Rollins - he's looking for someone who can do a good "rant" and he will put them on the air on IFC (Independent Film Channel) in a big way.

Rollins is going to make someone who submits a commentary (on one of 11 topics he's chosen) the host of an upcoming "Rollins Show" Marathon on IFC. This will be filled solely through this opportunity.

You can go to ziddio.com/myrollinsrant and record and upload a 30-second video "rant" on one of the topics that Henry has chosen (including abortion rights, has the Iraq war made us safer? Bush's response to Hurricane Katrina, is America a dumb country? global warming, etc.) The best will be flown to Los Angeles, meet Henry, and be the host of an upcoming "Rollins Show" Marathon on IFC. All entries will be watched by, and the winner chosen solely by, Henry.

Entries must be uploaded by July 10.

Check it out: ziddio.com/myrollinsrant

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