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June 04, 2007



Who is complaining about the PS3 fan noise? It is virtually silent, if you can even hear it at all. My 360 is the one with a loud fan. The thing sounds like a jet taking off and would never work in a HomeTheater.


Hey AV:

From AP: "Most people buying Blu-ray discs are apparently buying them for their Sony PlayStation 3 game consoles. The cheapest version of the console costs $499, but its game-oriented wireless controller and relatively loud fan makes it a less than ideal movie player."

from Google (the console vs. console fan-noise debate goes on for pages)


From AVS: "When reading about the PS3 as a BD player they all say that the PS3 fan is quite loud when compared to stand alone players."

Guess it depends on the unit. Glad to hear yours is quiet. My Xbox 360 is relatively quiet, never an issue, but the thing that does bug me is the HD DVD side unit's cheap construction and balkiness in starting up with a disc.

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